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30 Aug 2018 Test Your life Pass


01 Apr 2018 PTO project or mother-daughter coding moment


04 Mar 2018 My Angle on the future of .Net


31 Jan 2018 Ready Set Code

So with crowds slowly dying out in the gym near you, you can now concentrate on your yearly goals. Hopefully the kids missed the major flu outbreak. Mine didn’t. All 7 members of my household were sick November thorough January. My immediate interest is still lies in Progressive web apps and I am slowly adding the service worker to my play side project. Please notice that I have added Disqus commenting to my blog ( all manual jekyll style, may I add). So please take your time and comment away.

21 Dec 2017 Year end review

Tennis girls
With end of the year approaching and almost here and I ask myself what if any accomplishments I can be proud of. Not all items on my list of goals have been checked off but many that are marked done leave me proud.

20 Nov 2017 Consulting vs. Full-time job

I am asked all the time if I would consider going full-time for companies where I do consulting. I usually give a vague answer about the reasons and today I want to put it down so it is clear to me why I do not consider.

11 Nov 2017 Blogging like a hacker

I have switched over from Wordpress to github. My editing is happening in Visual Studio Code. All content is in github repository and hosted via github pages.

22 Oct 2017 CDW stands for - Code... Doctors... Weekends

My baby
If you read my first blog, you may wonder if I got that contract.

11 Sep 2017 Design Patterns - Design your life, like the code you write!

So if you are like me, you already know how important to plan for every possible change in plans with your family.

24 Aug 2017 This is my first blog post

My family
I am going to blog about my coding journey, life aspirations and family dynamics.
One of the main reasons for starting a blog is to inspire women programmers to be successful at carrier and family life.