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Year end review

21 Dec 2017

Tennis girls
With end of the year approaching and almost here and I ask myself what if any accomplishments I can be proud of. Not all items on my list of goals have been checked off but many that are marked done leave me proud.

On December 21st I finally hit my weight goal and made a new goal to pursue.

I have started this blog and read a bunch books on self improvement. I started working on my side project , where I apply my newly acquired and expertise skills. It brings me much joy to see it grow and I am looking forward to having it live one day.

I have restarted playing and learning the game of tennis with the hope of catching up to my children. This holiday season , as it is a season of giving , I wanted to give “giving” a new meaning. I started a toy drive for an orphanage in rural Russia and so far I am very impressed with people who have given this project their trust and hard earned money. So far I have enough funds to give a present to at least 70 children. I will have another post with progress and hopefully some fun pictures for the kiddos.

Next year it will be more of the same, I am planning to travel more with my children and hopefully more tennis achievements for my older girls. Sasha and Anfisa have been making me so proud of how much they have improved in their tennis game. Winning tournaments is just an icing on the cake. The plan is to continue to grow the skill and the love for the game.

To end with a new skill I learned… Log4net is pretty common way of logging events from the code. It provides a framework of logging to different stores. More often than not you want to store data to a file with debugging information. You create a FileAppender and find that you are pretty much logging dirty statements that are easy to a human to read, but hard for a machine to parse and get any understanding of what is going on there. One format that is very common for machines to understand is json. It is prefered way to log data for the big data collection, log viewing and parcing. To achieve json formatting with log4net should be straightforward, but its not. Not only you have to have the output include the ugly escape characters for the quotes around the json data you also have to make it smart enough to log other elements like stacktrace without line breaks that it has in .net.

I will show some code on how to format the log4net data in json. It has a snippet for log4net.config file as well as the converters for the layout.

And a poem from a developper.

Happy Hollidays!