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This is my first blog post

24 Aug 2017

My family
I am going to blog about my coding journey, life aspirations and family dynamics.
One of the main reasons for starting a blog is to inspire women programmers to be successful at carrier and family life.

Without spending too much time on introduction, feel free to go to my linkedin account to see my experience.

My carrier has allowed me to take a break between contracts. My last one ended on August 1st.

Now that summer is over ,I am ready to get back to work.  I put out a word,  that I am looking for new opportunities.

I got a few responses from people who I worked with before and one client requested a coding exercises.

I made a project in C#, added SQL server database with code-first approach , Knockout for front end data binding, zipped it up and emailed it to the recruiter to forward to the client.

  • “He can’t run your code, did you test it?”


As of today , I don’t know if they did or did not run my code. Although , I should know soon.

Lesson learned: get your GitHub account loaded with code samples , that you wrote, so you can point your prospects there.

So I did start with my new account on Github and I want to document it. So here I am .

Why I think my blog is best suited for women coders?

At one of the interviews, I was asked if I contribute to the programmers’ community, and my excuse for not contributing was : “ I have 5 kids, I don’t have time!”

Well, actually one of my kids is all grown up, so I am actually only raising 4 children.

I tell you what , if you are a mother and work in IT, like me, you should never use your family as an excuse for not succeeding at your career.

I never did, but why do I not help others to do the same?

Better late, then never.

Stay tuned for my next blog.