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Design Patterns - Design your life, like the code you write!

11 Sep 2017

So if you are like me, you already know how important to plan for every possible change in plans with your family.

When your child is sick you don’t panic , you are prepared ! You have a backup sitter and doctor is one phone call away to take your child in for an ear canal check. If antibiotic are needed there is a neighborhood pharmacy , no unknowns. Most likely you learned the tricks of being a good Mom from your Mother. She was your expert in the field.

Same thing with programming! ( Yes, you will read this one a lot from me!)

When designing a program, we have to keep in mind, that there will be changes in the business. We design programs knowing, that it will happen sooner or later.

We don’t have to invent a wheel, its been done before. All we have to do is learn “from other developers who’ve been down the same road and survived the trip”, other experts , just like you!

The benefits of object oriented design principles are too great of a subject and I suggest you become an expert on this.

This book is one of the tools in my tool box!

The promises of object-oriented way is to reuse.

One of the Design Principles is to favor composition over inheritance.

In real life we teach our children so many ways that will make them all around good adults.

We want them to inherit our best traits.(Inheritance -  Is-a)

What is even more fulfilling for a parent to see , is your children have an ability to find their own ways of being successful; to have their own developed skills, that you may only dream about. (Composition Has-a)

In life it is also good to be able to adjust and grow , just like in programming!