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CDW stands for - Code... Doctors... Weekends

22 Oct 2017

My baby
If you read my first blog, you may wonder if I got that contract.

Before I get into it, I will write about my second week back to work after a nice break.

My workouts got very sporadic. I was used to going to an 8:30 am class every day and going for a run after.

Now that I have to be in the office by 9am, there is just no time in the mornings for that.

So I get off work at 5 and go straight to gym. Running is almost non existent. I think I ran maybe twice in 2 weeks of time.

My week nights are usually busy with dinner , homework and other activities that we have scheduled.

I am hoping to get into the groove and start my day with  a 6am run , before kids are up.

On Tuesdays I usually go to a tennis drill , but this week husband and I planned to go to a brain battle night.

It didn’t happen : my 3 year old daughter got a virus and we ended up taking her to the ER with an attack and she was treated for Croup.

I did freak out when she couldn’t breath and puked on the couch, but all is passed and she is happy - healthy and back to day care.

Now that you know that I am working…

No, I didn’t get that contract, they never hired anyone…

Although ,I did interview with CDW and now working on an integration team in Vernon Hills Illinois.

CDW is a big company and it was always on my radar for my next opportunity. I am pretty happy to be there now.

I am not going to go too much into details of how great the company is, since I haven’t seen much of it yet.

What makes me most happy about working there is being able to contribute to the team efforts, to keep the company and the software to support its operations  with latest technologies.

Working with .Net C# I have wrote many Web APIs and one thing I picked up in the last week , was to automate documentation for a public API.

The standard is to have a URL in your API that is configured to provide a mark up ,with an industry standard way of creating description of what it does.

Open API (link to gihub) is the standard.

For .Net there is a nuget for getting your API wired up with what it needs.

Project here is not being worked on since the shift to .Net Core.

Once you have your API wired with Swashbuckle , you hit <your-root-url>/swagger/docs/v1 and you are ready to share your API with the world.

Even though My CDW unwrapping didn’t happen in that order, I am enjoying my weekend.

I worked out on Saturday morning at Real Results in Grayslake ( my home town) , biked 10 miles and planning to take kids to a swimming pool on Sunday.

Happy weekend , ladies!

Here is an example of Swagger implementation: