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Consulting vs. Full-time job

20 Nov 2017

I am asked all the time if I would consider going full-time for companies where I do consulting. I usually give a vague answer about the reasons and today I want to put it down so it is clear to me why I do not consider.

My philosophy in life is to live with goals and plan my life in accordance with achieving those goals. I believe when I take a job as a full time employee I’d mislead the management. One of the main responsibilities of the company is to establish a career path for it’s employees within an organization, without it , people churn is inevitable. I respect that. I also have a plan for my career and I don’t want to give my power away.

Consulting gives me an opportunity to continue provide the best service I can without giving up on my dreams. It motivates me to continue to grow my personal and professional brand , invest in myself by continually learning.

Speaking of learning… My 10 year old, Sasha, asked me to teach her programming, so we started our first lesson last week and I am happy to report that she is getting a hang of it.

We started with an overview of how email shows up in her emailbox, after we setup an email account for her. We created a few folders and files and finished up making a simple HTML page with an apple pie recipe in it. Sasha told me that her 5th grade Tech class is pretty interesting too and she likes code.org

I will try to keep the blog updated with her progress, hopefully with some links to her code.