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Ready Set Code

31 Jan 2018

So with crowds slowly dying out in the gym near you, you can now concentrate on your yearly goals. Hopefully the kids missed the major flu outbreak. Mine didn’t. All 7 members of my household were sick November thorough January. My immediate interest is still lies in Progressive web apps and I am slowly adding the service worker to my play side project. Please notice that I have added Disqus commenting to my blog ( all manual jekyll style, may I add). So please take your time and comment away.

The latest code snippet is a middleware I wrote for an API to log requests and responses. Katana implementation of Owin makes pretty straight forward. I highly recomend a read on it to get familiar: https://www.asp.net/aspnet/overview/owin-and-katana The only trick was to understand the pipeline of execution and with web API you want to catch the beginning and the end of the calls.

Enjoy the code: