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My Angle on the future of .Net

04 Mar 2018


Dedicated to everyone who survived the flu season . With flu going around my family members since November, I still managed to have time working on the project that I published a while back ( https://trophykids.azurewebsites.net/ ). The reason it came to life is because I hate the USTA tournament search page , it’s clunky and I just couldn’t use it with a light heart. Since my children are tennis players I figured it will be good playground for building my skill set and I can easily find events for them to pay.

I used strait javascript to right the map integration. Vue.js to bind data to the search screen. After a while a grew tired of the code monster I created and decided to move to the cleaner and more structured application development using Angular.

My Angular journey began about a year and a half ago, when I was able to contribute to an internal application on a team of all .Net devs. This time around I am using Angular CLI. It helps me with standards that are easy to follow and framework of managing clean architecture.

For everyone who is still debating on how to make a transition from .Net to Node.js , I say start with Angular. I can still make my APIs in .Net but MVC is just not going to cut it in terms of all the features with Angular.

This app has a Material for styling, so this is another cool google inspired standards that I used. Still work in progress. https://csa-app.azurewebsites.net

Getting CI/CD installed was not without glitches. Here are the steps to set up the Build for Angular to deploy to Azure. Build Step 0
Build Step 1
Build Step 2
Build Step 3
Build Step 4
Build Step 4