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Test Your life Pass

30 Aug 2018


After a fabulous 14 day vacation, I return motivated and driven to help women in the IT industry succeed in both their personal, and business life!

What I am about to discuss may not be something that many of you have observed, however, I see this in my almost quite regularly.

It seems to me there is a duo style to every woman, it is quite similar to a sunrise and a sunset!

During the single ready to mingle days, this woman seems well groomed, with her shiny flowing hair, pristine smile, and flawless appearance. Just like a sun rise in paradise!

Like the sun setting, it seems that bright, flawless, energy to her seems to quiet, her nails are now short, her hair in a short hairstyle easy to take care of, and her .killer stilettos are now replaced with white sneakers or just “something comfortable”. This sun setting change, has appeared to be made due by marriage and children.

Her love for learning about new technology, and self care, are almost non existence. That passionate spark in her eye, is now replaced by her determined, urge to be superwoman,.

Many women believe that becoming a wife, and raising a child are not appropriate or “right” times to think of yourself.

I however, do not believe in this stereotype that has been made by society. This should be a time of balance, and self-respect and self-boundaries.

I can assure that with self care, balance, self respect, and boundaries, you will achieve respect from your boss, and an even deeper understanding from your home life as well!

Your body language and message of self respect with develop an understanding from your boss, and even a deeper love from your partner and kids!

When you make time for yourself, and dedicate time every day to yourself, it shows the world and sends out a message that you are a strong, beautiful, and motivated woman who can achieve anything. It shows that you can gain respect without needing to verbally demand or command it.

Bear in mind that I indeed, do understand the need for the balance and harmony. I myself,am a mother of 5 and I am creating my life , just if it was a program , I allow this program to be easy to fix and easy to maintain because I am at balance of my life at all times, even in the hectic times(yes this is possible).

The standards, and energy may change, but there is no dead end street.

My goal and wishes are always the constant, to be the successful, professional mother and wife, who sets a motivating, nurturing, and flowing life, even in the midst of chaos. This means well groomed hair, gorgeous skin, a radiating glow about myself, and most importantly staying healthy with exercise and not self-medicating stress with a glass of wine.

This way of life I am creating not only motivates me, it pushes and drives others to want the same for themselves. After all, the law of attraction is a very powerful tool to help us navigate our way through life.

Nothing is ever permanent whether that be positive or negative, in life, and nothing is ever permanent . However, with a well written plan, it allows me to have a motivational map in my mind, of where I am going, even if I hit a few road bumps here or there! Also asking myself “is what I am doing helping me achieve my my very best, and attain my goals?”, helps to drive this plan into motion.

Take a deep breath and relax, now we are going to get into coding!

Let me show you one unit test , that I know covers most objectives of a good unit test.